Making it rain at the right time

With Irrigat solutions, you have the control to irrigate your property whenever you want, whatever your crop, leaving worries in the past and ensuring profit all year round.

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Whatever your crop, year-round production is guaranteed.

The system uses a hose reel connected to a sprayer equipped with an irrigation cannon. The operator unrolls the hose in the desired area, turns on the motor pump, and programs the hose reel’s retraction speed, which occurs automatically.

Why is Irrigat the solution for you?

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More stability

Guarantee production at any time.

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More benefit

Promotes an increase in production throughout the year.

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More savings

Installation of the system requires no work.


More time

Simple and easy handling requires little labor.

How do Irrigat irrigation systems work?

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Remote service since 2016

We operate in the market in an innovative way, serving clients throughout Brazil and worldwide. And our reel is simplified to the maximum for easy handling and operation. 

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We use high-tech solutions to create remote projects. Technical professionals monitor implementation of the project from start to finish, ensuring maximum performance of the Irrigat system.

National and international presence

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What our customers say


Andres Marcchi


“We saw a great improvement in our crops with the Irrigat system. Easy to manage and the investment is recovered in the short term.”

depoimento marcos

Marcos Delevove


“The equipment works constantly, the staff is very satisfied with the ease of use, handling and functionality.”

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Gabriel Tomas K. Haubrich


“A great irrigation system at an affordable price. It became much more practical and in the first three months it already gave good results.”

Irrigat Sistemas de Irrigação


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